Moving forward takes experience.

Don’t Gamble with Our Future. On Tuesday, Nov. 7, vote for a team that knows Columbia inside and out. Let’s not risk our town’s future by entrusting it to newcomers with no history here. Together, we can keep Columbia thriving, prosperous, and inclusive. Your vote is your voice; use it to secure the future of our beloved town.

Building a Brighter Tomorrow. Our track record speaks volumes. Projects like the Columbia Market House, McGuinness Innovations Park, The River Park, Walnut Street Corridor, Ridge Avenue Public Works relocation, and many others are transforming our town. We’re not just improving the quality of life for all residents; we’re also ensuring a strong tax base to prevent future increases.

All Residents, One Vision. No political agendas here. We’re here for everyone, from every walk of life. Supporting business investments throughout the borough and prioritizing the needs of those most vulnerable, including the homeless, is our mission. We believe in a Columbia that works for all, where no one is left behind.

Choose Experience, Choose Columbia’s Future. Columbia, our vibrant town, deserves leadership that’s deeply connected to its past, passionate about its present, and dedicated to securing a prosperous future. We’re neither activists nor politicians; we’re residents just like you, committed to making a difference.

You are Columbia. We work for YOU. Columbia Wins!

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Columbia Resident Since 1995

Wife, Mother, Foster Mom

Homemaker and Parent

Champion Child Rights in Court

Current Council Member, 1 year

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Columbia Resident Since 2002

Husband, Father, and Grandfather

QC Consultant, Pharmaceuticals

Family Man

Former Council President, 12 years

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Columbia Resident Since 1968

Husband, Father, and Grandfather

Manufacturing Engineer

Travel Bug

Current Council Member, 4 years

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